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You're Just at the Emotional Crescendo

By: Liz Hand, CFP®    Recently my son participated in The Lion King with his school. My expectations were low because this is a K-6th…

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Clarity Wins

By:  Rachel Krabill, Administrative Assistant   “So… what just happened back there?” My husband and I were sitting in our car wondering how the conversation…

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Retirement is an Outdated Social Construct

By: Clinton Miller, CFP®, Advisor   I am going out on a limb in saying this, but here goes:   Retirement is imaginary. It’s a…

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Are We Still OK?

By:  Ellis Miller, JD, Advisor   The stock markets are in a funk. It seems like every few days we see headlines saying it’s the…

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Review Meetings Cover More than Just the Numbers

By:  Liz Hand, CFP (R) During our just-concluded spring review session, we asked clients to look at a few areas of life that matter most: Joy,…

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Can a Nest Egg Turn into Real Money?

By:  Rachel Krabill, Administrative Assistant So you’ve saved, you’ve planned, you’ve been patient. You’ve nurtured that nest egg and it’s looking pretty solid – pristine…

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