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My Response to the Current State of COVID 19

On Exponential Curves:   A famous physics professor, (maybe Einstein, maybe another according to Quora) said  “The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our…

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What To Do In a Recession: Your Plans

We've all made plans that have had to change because of COVID and the recession.  Some of us have stalled vacations. Some of us have…

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What To Do in a Recession: Offensive Investment Strategy

As we experience a market recession, are there anything proactive moves that we can do with our investments?  Often these proactive strategies are ones that…

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CARES Act waives your Required Minimum Distribution for 2020

When the market has had big losses in the past, policy makers have stepped in and changed requirements for retirement accounts. Why? It is a…

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What To Do in a Recession? Your Automated Transactions

You're on autopilot with your retirement accounts - for adding money or taking income. That's perfect most of the time!  However, in a recessionary period,…

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Fear or Hope? You Pick.

  In changing times like these, we have to decide whether we move in fear or hope.   I choose hope.   I have hope…

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