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You Have Better Investment Options

By:  Clinton Miller, CFP®   You probably already know this: interest rates have increased substantially over the past 12 months.  Anyone buying or selling a…

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Pleasant Post - January 2023

Read the latest from the desk of Liz Hand, CFP® here.   To receive monthly updates from Pleasant Wealth straight to your inbox click here.  …

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Three Ways to Turn Investment Lemons into Tax Lemonade

By:  Clinton Miller, CFP® Investment returns are bad this year.  Is it frustrating to watch your accounts drop for reasons out of your control?  You’re…

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Retiring on your own? How to address unique Charitable Giving and Tax challenges

By:  Clinton Miller, CFP®   Autumn is here! Gardens are overgrown and cool nights are on the way. Now is a great time to reflect…

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If Businesses Are Doing So Well, Why Is the Stock Market Down?

By:  Ellis Miller, JD, Advisor   You may be thinking, “If businesses are doing so well, why is the stock market down?” That’s a great…

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What Was the Best Money You Ever Spent?

By: Ellis Miller, JD   As my role at Pleasant Wealth becomes more advisory, my experience and vantage point allow me to form opinions about…

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Water Wheel

Water wheels harness the energy of a small stream of water to do a great deal of work. Similarly, using a small but consistent stream of your savings, we help you fill up each bucket of your financial water wheel to achieve your financial goals. Download our Water Wheel guide to learn more about this process.

Who Will You Trust About a Trust?

A trust often helps a family meet its goals. It can be simple or complex, but it must be understood and produced by an attorney that understands you. Download our guide to trusts to learn more about how Pleasant Wealth can help you with a trust.

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