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The Financial Confidant

“And how is his spirit?” I asked.   “Oh…” Silence.   Tears began seeping from her eyes. “I’m sorry. It’s been really difficult lately between…

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"What if this is an awful dinner?"

Picture this:   It's a warm summer evening with my husband and children in the backyard playing. Dinner will be ready in about ten minutes and…

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It wasn’t their first rodeo… some had rappelled, some had rock climbed, all had done adventurous outdoorsy things in the past. It is just that…

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On Teamwork

This past Saturday, our team enjoyed dinner together at The Heritage Gathering in Kidron. It was a lovely brisk evening filled with tasty delights, good…

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When is Social Security Taxed?

Some people believe Social Security is not taxed. Others believe Social Security is taxed.  Depending on your financial setup, either of those could be true. …

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Stepping Into the Driver's Seat of Your Finances

When my husband gets in the car, he slides the driver's seat ALL the way back so his 6’ body can stretch out enough to…

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Water Wheel

Water wheels harness the energy of a small stream of water to do a great deal of work. Similarly, using a small but consistent stream of your savings, we help you fill up each bucket of your financial water wheel to achieve your financial goals. Download our Water Wheel guide to learn more about this process.

Who Will You Trust About a Trust?

A trust often helps a family meet its goals. It can be simple or complex, but it must be understood and produced by an attorney that understands you. Download our guide to trusts to learn more about how Pleasant Wealth can help you with a trust.

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