You Have Better Investment Options

By:  Clinton Miller, CFP®   You probably already know this: interest rates have increased substantially over the past 12 months.  Anyone buying or selling a house has seen mortgage rates rise faster than we’ve seen in years.   To make matters worse, inflation higher than its’ been in decades.   But you may not know […]

Pleasant Post – January 2023

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Three Ways to Turn Investment Lemons into Tax Lemonade

By:  Clinton Miller, CFP® Investment returns are bad this year.  Is it frustrating to watch your accounts drop for reasons out of your control?  You’re probably familiar with the common advice to take the long-term view, not make any changes, or even to just ignore account statements. How’s that working for you right now? It’s […]

Retiring on your own? How to address unique Charitable Giving and Tax challenges

By:  Clinton Miller, CFP®   Autumn is here! Gardens are overgrown and cool nights are on the way. Now is a great time to reflect on the year’s harvest and plan for taxes before the holiday season and year-end deadlines.   Our fall review season is well underway- so naturally we’re talking to our clients […]

If Businesses Are Doing So Well, Why Is the Stock Market Down?

By:  Ellis Miller, JD, Advisor   You may be thinking, “If businesses are doing so well, why is the stock market down?” That’s a great question!   This is a time of confusion. With all the cross currents in the news, our minds are swirling. We don’t know what to think. The result is that […]