Stepping Into the Driver’s Seat of Your Finances

When my husband gets in the car, he slides the driver’s seat ALL the way back so his 6’ body can stretch out enough to comfortably drive. After he’s driven and I’m making a quick run to the store… well, I don’t automatically change the driver’s seat to fit my petite 5’3” frame. It is still […]

What Your Groceries Say About Your Values

“I’m just not good at money decisions. My brain doesn’t think that way.” (I hear this so often) Oh YES, you are. And your brain DOES think that way. And now I’ll prove why…. . So. I’m standing in aisle 10 and I’ve got three bottles of ketchup in my hand. The first is the name brand – […]

Lessons from a Lemonade Stand

On a hot summer’s day at age 8, I would cruise on my 1-speed bike around our Lexington, Kentucky neighborhood with my two best friends: Rachel and Alice. And then that sweet jingle could be heard faintly in the distance… I C E   C R E A M   T R U C K! We pedaled […]

Is your money where your mouth is?

Do you remember fast food the way it was 25 years ago? An industrial-grade cheeseburger contained the typical ingredients: bun, beef patty, pickle, cheese, ketchup, iceberg lettuce. Perhaps even a special sauce? But somehow, the whole thing added up to LESS than the sum of its parts. Fast food has always been about convenience and […]