We’re Hiring! Senior Client Services Manager

You feel it.

That pit-in-the stomach on Sunday around 4 p.m. that reminds you that – while you love investment & financial planning advice – you are disenchanted with the robotic service you provide to clients.

…That’s the moment for a scene change.

Imagine if you were helping customize the client experience alongside a boutique firm of candor-driven financial professionals. Can you picture it?  You know: the team that avoids the power suit & the down-talking …and prefers approachable Pleasant Financial Conversations.

Pleasant Wealth is looking for an impact-oriented Senior Client Service Administrator to join us at our Northeast Ohio offices and help take our business to the next level. The right candidate is one who enjoys building systems that create space for what matters most: sophisticated and authentic financial advice for the clients we serve.

And hey, taking off the week between Christmas & New Year’s and summer office hours isn’t a bad perk, either!

Is this you?

If yes & you meet the requirements, please send an email to hiring@pleasantwealth.com to request a job description and next steps.

Role Requirements: Securities licensed, 3 years minimum of experience in investment management or financial planning, and an in-person presence.


A personal note: We are excited to announce a new position opening in our office.  If you know a candidate that might be a good fit for this in-office role, we invite you to pass along this information.  Thanks for helping us build our team better so we can best serve the clients we love!

This post has a few snapshots from out of office fun.  Picture yourself here!

Celebrating our transition to Kestra in 2019 with family & friends at a farm to table dinner

Ellis, owner of Pleasant Wealth, delivering a Christmas gift to an employee in leu of our holiday dinner this year.

Ready to get started? 

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