What To Do In a Recession: Your Plans

We’ve all made plans that have had to change because of COVID and the recession.  Some of us have stalled vacations. Some of us have downsized kitchen renovation plans.  Some of us are staring at our plans to retire in 2020 and wondering, “will it still work?”

It is like our life is a football game, and we are at the 10 yard line for this particular life goal (vacation, kitchen remodel, or retirement), ready to score. But someone moves the goal post  another 20 or 30 yards.  It doesn’t feel good. In fact – it feels down-right unfair and devastating.

In this video Liz addresses how we can rework our financial plans in an economic downturn by looking at what is most important and generating alternative ideas for what is not as important.  Take a watch:


What plans have you had to put on the back burner right now during this recession and COVID shutdown? Have you considered how to rework the goal so you can still get what you wanted? If you wish to brainstorm how to recenter your goal and rework your plans, give our office a call: 330-893-0113.

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