What Your Groceries Say About Your Values

“I’m just not good at money decisions. My brain doesn’t think that way.” (I hear this so often)

Oh YES, you are.

And your brain DOES think that way.

And now I’ll prove why….


So. I’m standing in aisle 10 and I’ve got three bottles of ketchup in my hand. The first is the name brand – high quality, consistent, tastes like ketchup. The second is the crunchy brand – organic, no high-fructose corn syrup, tastes like ketchup. The third is the off brand – inexpensive, no frills, and tastes like ketchup.

The good news is that though this decision will take 60-120 seconds of my life to make, at the end of the errand, I’ll have something that tastes like ketchup.

If you were sorting these three options how would you go about ranking your priorities: Price point? Health considerations? Brand recognition? By the company’s manufacturing practices?

With every financial decision we make, our *incredible brain* sorts through our values like rapid-fire.




We all have ‘em.

But not many of us stop and think about them (especially in everyday purchases).

In our larger purchases… well… with a lot of money at stake, we want to get it right, so we might slow down and become aware of them.


Women are especially attuned to their values in our purchases as we influence 83% of all spending in the U.S. according to analyst Daniel Yankelovich.

Our values DRIVE our pocketbooks.

That means, those closely held important aspects of your life will inform the way you make your purchase decisions – where you shop, how you shop.


Your values can DRIVE how you save, too.

What does that mean? It means *your incredible brain* is wired to make good financial decisions. With a good side-kick that knows the financial industry framework, you can get exactly where you want to go with your personal finances.


But have you ever sorted through your personal values to see what floats to the top?

You might enjoy the self-reflection over a nice cup of tea. I’ve created a worksheet for you to download here: https://mailchi.mp/f76dac466839/moneyvalues

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