Is your money where your mouth is?

Do you remember fast food the way it was 25 years ago? An industrial-grade cheeseburger contained the typical ingredients: bun, beef patty, pickle, cheese, ketchup, iceberg lettuce. Perhaps even a special sauce?

But somehow, the whole thing added up to LESS than the sum of its parts. Fast food has always been about convenience and low cost. Back in the day, flavor, quality, and selection took a back seat. This was widely understood and accepted as the best of all possible worlds.

But things have changed! If I say fast food, I could be talking about: Sustainably-sourced ingredients, in a custom-made burrito. Or perhaps avocado topped hamburgers. Pizza that actually tastes good, delivered at the push of a button on your phone. Asian-Fusion cuisine, cooked inside a box truck behind your office. Gluten-Free, vegan, local. A fair-trade, decaf-double-soy latte.

The biggest change in food in the past two decades is our expectation that food choices can align with personal values. Whether you are concerned about health, environmental impact, or social responsibility, as a customer you now enjoy food choices that can express what you think.

So food is tangible- but what about something intangible like investing your savings? Most people understand that saving and investing in their future is vital. Many savers have no idea what is going on inside their portfolio. Today more than ever before, investors want to know their investments are on track to meet their goals without violating their values.

My industry has been slow to get on board with this idea. However, as the demand for these options increases, change is happening. Each year new investment tools come along that give investors and their advisors better values-based investing choices. With the help of an advisor who understands what your concerns and goals are, you have better access to low-cost, effective investment solutions that matches the values you care about.

Perhaps you consistently shop local to keep your dollars in your community. Or maybe you drink fair-trade coffee to avoid exploiting someone far away. Either way, you feel better knowing your money isn’t violating something you care about. Investing shouldn’t be any different. You can meet your investing goals without violating your beliefs.

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